Training Methodology

We hold the claim of world's first spa academy with over a hundred training methodologies to mold each student into most advanced spa professionals. Our specialties range from our own spa concepts like 'Solus Per Art' to traditional spa practices. The wide dimension of methods enhances our students to be professionals with unique skills. Pioneering in most of the modern spa technologies, we ensure quality education to all our students.

Our training methodology features 100 specialities:


1) Solus per art(HEALING TROUGH ART) concept
2) Vedic therapy familiarization
3) Special SPA YOGA technique
4) Child ayurveda (WORLD FIRST)
7) Complete international spa massages
8) Home spa concept
9) Traditional shiatsu
10) Kalari marma massages
11) spa paintings (Exclusive )
13) vedic spa music familirisation
14) pure touch spa theme.
15) special hotstone and cold stone therapy
16) special shell therapy
17) zen meditation(1st Leveland 2ndLevel)
18) key energy meditation
19) spa guru concept
20) spajuice therapy familirisation
21) Herbal aroma therapy
22) Traditional ayurvedic  abhyanga
21) Red Indian lomi lomi
22) Indian thaichi
23) wake up yoga
24) pranayama
25) sports massage
26) various types of  therapeutic reflexology
27) Indian herbal massages
28) Traditional tuina
29) Music therapy
30) Traditional thai massage
31) Corporate massages
32) Kerala ayurveda therapy familirisation
33) Basic spa management
34) Global spa professional Association membership for all students
35) International placement assistance
36) spa gurukulam concept
37) spa business promotion ideas
38) Spa hospitality familiarization
39) Presently operating 20 pure touch spas around the world.
(sharing spa business secrets)
40) Cruise spa familiarization
41) Kerala Tribal massage techniques
42) Online ,distant & continuity education
43) Spa online marketing ideas
44) cost effective spa management techniques
45) Spa craft concept
46) Involving    affiliation of  each student
47) Ayurvedic beauty therapy education
48) Various types of ayurvedic scrub
49) Fastest growing spa chain (PURETOUCH SPA)
50) MEDI SPA concept
51) SPA  hospital concept
52) Familirisation of medical massages
53) sisal wellness concept(exclusive)
54) Basic orientation  courses on day spas,resort spas,destination spas
55) Familirisation  with  world class spas
56) complete basic knowledge  on  Ayurvedic panchakarma
57) Creating  Spa Menu design
58) SPA  Human Resource Development  and  training
59) spa  retail  familirisation
60) Spa brand promotion ideas
61) basic spa academy management
62) mother and child care spa concept
63) ayurvedic padabhyanga
64) ayurveda kizhi therapies
65) step by step deep tissue and lymphatic drainage study
66) spa upselling  techniques
67) spa healing therapies
68) spa team- building  techniques
69) Global  spa treatment management
70) spa Rituals
71) Arabian spa rituals
72) Ayurvedic spa rituals
73) vedic meditation
74) yogic massage
75) Ayurvedic spa treatment - room design
76) Simple  Herbal oil  preparation
77) Global spa management certificate
78) Effective spa career growth ideas
79) familirisation of ayurvedic home remedies
80) simple instructions of bsic principles of ayurveda
81) spa grooming
82) Ayurvedic dinacharya practice
83) Easy prana yama techniques
84) Effective spa retail management technique
84) Pure touch business promotion offer letter each student
85) Kerala kalari marma massage basic steps
86) holistic beauty therapy basic ideas
87) Familirisation of complete kerala ayurvedic oils
88) Step by steps spitual healing
89) simple lessons about how to become a spa owner
90) Double padha abyanga
91) Basic idea about india spa cousine
92) Familiarization of ayurvedic spa operation
93) Step by step yogic massages
94) Deep relaxation techniques
95) Halotherapy
96) Spakary(exclusive)
97) Rudraksha therapy
99) spa tourism concept
100) Step by step spa business strategy