Diploma in Holistic Spa Therapy Puretouch Spa Academy offers Diploma Certification course on Holistic Spa Therapy. Holistic Spa Therapy is a multi-therapy training. This is a 100% job oriented and placement assured course. Holistic Spa Therapy is a low budget course. Holistic Spa Therapy course equips the student with all basic skill and knowledge to be a spa professional. Diploma certificates are provided by GSPA in association with BSS which is approved by Govt. of India. Duration of the course is one month.

Lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, Thai massage, Lomi lomi, aroma therapy, Reflexology,
Tuina, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, spa service sequences.
Complete Kerala specialties of ayurveda.
Complete spa yoga.

Specialties of our courses:
Government of India agreed company certificated
Affiliated with BSS (Promoted by government of India)
Academy affiliated with Gspa (Global spa professional association)
Affiliated with pure touch spa health care private limited
Food and accommodation facility
100% job assistance
Job assistance with various five star hotel, cruise line and hospitals
International experience faculties
Ongoing education
Eco friendly spa gurukulam
Ultra modern spa concept

Spa Therapy & Management
Puretouch Spa & Management course facilitates the student with the necessary skills to be a Spa technician as well as endorses with business management skills. In this course along with the spa training the student undergoes business strategy management, marketing methods, spa operations etc… The course also include Basic Spa Management, modern Spa therapy, Vedic therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga , Basic fitness management, Meditation(including Zen meditation), the importance and value of Spa Paintings, Spa Crafts, Music Therapy etc…Spa Therapy & Management course helps a student to become a successful spa entrepreneur.

* Swedish Relaxation
* Deep Tissue Massage
* Lymphatic Drainage
* Hot Stone therapy
* Shiatsu
* Thai massage
* Reflexology
* Aromatherapy
* Lomi Lomi
* Thai Chi
* Face massage ( Facial )
* Body scrub and Body Wrap
* Pedicure and Manicure
* Spa Yoga
* Music Therapy
* Zen Meditation
* Indian Ayurveda therapy
* Basic Fitness Training
* Basic Spa Management

Holistic Spa & Hospitality Management
Holistic Spa & Hospitality management course is launched for the first time in India by Puretouch Spa. This is an all including course on Spa and hospitality management. The course includes the whole of spa therapy methods and advanced hospitality management training. Health food craft, guest relationship, wellness concept, yoga etc… are the features of Holistic Spa & Hospitality Management course. The course duration is 4months.

Short Courses

Ayurveda Therapy
Ayurveda Therapy course is an intense package encompassing both traditional and modern Ayurveda therapy modules. All methods of Ayurveda therapies are introduced to the students and get them equipped with professional qualifications.

Spa Yoga
Yoga is a globally sought after health practice today. Spa yoga is embellishing the traditional yoga practice with spa methods. The effects of music, meditational yoga practices, various effective body massages etc… are taught in spa yoga course.