Why spa education?
Spa education is a whole new career option to students. Being a healthcare profession therapists are to be trained to the core to develop exceptional skills. Spa education aims at developing healing skills in therapists and also to provide adequate number of employees to the growing industry needs.

What are the possibilities of spa education?
Spa education opens a wide range of job and business opportunities to the students. Either one can prefer to be a highly paid professional or invest his talents and knowledge in the spa industry which always grows huge same as tourism or health care industry.

What is the importance of spa in today's hospitality industry?
Spa could be a supporting stone in today's hospitality industry. A well established spa in a hotel, resort, hospital, cruise liner etc… can change the face and profit of the industry.

Can spa open international job opportunities?
Spa is a globally sought after therapy method. A spa therapist is counted as a healthcare professional; thus international job opportunities are ample.

What are the job options in Spa?
Spa offers job opportunities in hospitality industry, travel & tourism industry, health care industry etc… Spa therapists are well pain in luxury hotels, cruise liners, spa centers etc…

Why solus per art (SPA)?
Solus per art is a unique concept developed by Puretouch spa. It incorporates artistic forms into the healing therapies. Spa music, Spa paintings, dancing steps etc… differentiates solus per art from the traditional spa

Who can join the course?
Any spa enthusiast can join the course and opt to be a spa professional. The candidate should mandatorily possess passion to be a skillful therapist and dedication to the society.

What are the course duration and the expenses?
The duration differs for various courses but extents from one month to six months. The expense is minimal compared to many of the diploma courses and short term courses.

What are the career growth options in spa?
Spa offers a multitude of career options. A trained professional can work as therapist and a spa manger after he/she gained enough experience. If you have an entrepreneurial mind, spa business is an option for you.
Will Spa concept and modern medicine go hand in hand?
Spa is a part of modern medicine as it helps a patient's body to be more responsive to the medicines. Spa, in fact, prepares a patient for speedy cure.

What is the future of spa industry?
Spa industry is huge in industry standards and growing beyond all the concepts. It opens business options, education opportunities and career levels.

Is the course suitable for female candidates?
Spa, just as health care jobs, is well suitable for both male and female candidates.

What are the Scopes of spa business?
Spa business is a flourishing trend today as the society becomes more and more aware of wellness and healthcare. Spa business could be launched with least minimum expenses and earn great profit.

What is Puretouch spa education?
Puretouch spa education offers integrated training in the conceptual therapy of Puretouch. Puretouch spa combines world class healing techniques and solus per art methods.

Is Puretouch method approved? Puretouch healing method is approved by GSPA (Global Spa Professionals Association)

Why and how online education?v Online education helps people from around the world to learn the therapies online and become spa professionals. Puretouch spa uses all the most modern video conferencing systems to provide online training to students away from the academy.

Is there any child spa concept?
Child spa concept is a unique method designed and developed by Puretouch spa. The methods are meant to make children grow healthy both mentally and physically.

How long a professional can work in this industry?
A spa professional can work in the industry as long as he/she is willing to offer his/her service to the industry.

What are the specialties of our education?
(link to Puretouch spa training methodology)

Any other reference sites?
GSPA, Puretouch spa