Puretouch Spa

Headed by globally recommended spa masters, Puretouch Spa Academy, boasts on our unique courses on Puretouch spa and 'Solus Per Art' healing Methods. We define Puretouch spa as the most artistic, advanced and effective method of mental and physical wellbeing and a holistic approach to life.

Puretouch Spa Academy welcomes you to be a globally qualified and certified spa technician. We invite you to be the next generation professionals and members of GSPA (Global Spa Professionals Association). Our courses and teaching methods ensure to polish your skills required to be successful spa professionals and infuse into the knowledge of advanced spa therapy methods.

According to GSPA statistics, the average saloon is expected to range between $30000 and $50000 per year. Thus our courses benefit you to be a highly earning professional in India and abroad. Real-life transferable teaching method is our uniqueness. We do also equip our students with advanced management skills which would embellish them to be unbeatable where ever they prefer to work.

GSPA Academy offers cutting-edge, intense, affordable, job assured courses on spa therapy. We also provide you with necessary tools, services and training to commence your own brand name in spa industry.